Our Mission

To provide a soccer league for refugees and people of all nations that unifies our community around discovering and deepening a relationship with Jesus.

Our Values

To RESTORE refugees from the devastation and loss they came from and help them thrive in creating a new life and to restore people of all nations in their relationship with God.

To UNIFY refugees with people of all nations in our city by using the game of soccer and the discovery of Jesus to breakdown racial hostility and forge healthy community.

To EMPOWER refugees and young adult males with the character and values to be successful men, husbands, fathers, students and workers that positively impact our community and help raise up the next generation.



ANSL launched through World Relief Jacksonville in January 1, 2018. Since World Relief Jacksonville closed their local office in July 31, 2019 ANSL merged with a locally operated international soccer ministry, Buena Vista Soccer Academy (BVSA). We are so excited about our aligned vision to reach the nations with the good news of Jesus in our local community and globally. Currently BVSA has academies in Guatemala and Honduras and is launching Senegal in 2020. We believe God will create an amazing synergy between our soccer ministries to open doors for soccer ministers to be sent into our city and around the world!

Why Soccer

Soccer is growing in the USA, but it has long since been the world’s sport. In 2014, 3.2 billion people around the world, or about half (46.4%) of the global population, found a way to watch the World Cup. The World Atlas ranks soccer as the number one sport played in the world with 4 billion players globally.

These stats are impressive, but the primary reason we utilize soccer has come from building relationships with refugees in our city. In our partnership with World Relief®, the number one question we get from incoming refugees is “Where can I play soccer?” We’ve done camps, clinics, and tournaments, but a competitive league was requested the most.

Soccer is one of the best ways to connect with refugees because it provides a unifying environment that breaks down cultural barriers and creates friendships. It’s common for newly settling refugees to isolate to their own groups, but soccer is a platform that encourages healthy integration and the opportunity to build cross-cultural relationships in our community. No matter your language, background, or beliefs a soccer ball rolls the same and forms a bonding connection between those who play the game!


Our Story

The All Nations Soccer League (ANSL) was created to provide a ministry that is an affordable place for refugees to participate in a structured soccer league because there isn’t an accessible option available for them in Jacksonville due to financial and transportation constraints.

The vision for the ANSL started in 2017 through a local Burmese refugee soccer team that dared to believe there were more refugees in our city that would want to form teams and create a league. Their goal wasn’t only soccer though. Their team had a message of hope to share: that we can all find freedom and new life in Jesus. Over time, we met and gathered a core group of refugee team captains, referees, and board members from Burma, Eritrea, Iraq, Paraguay, N. Ireland, Nepal, Rwanda, Sudan, and the USA who collectively shaped this league. This team of leaders decided that the ANSL would be a faith-based league that shares the love and good news of Jesus with refugees and people of all nations in our community, thus giving us our name.

The ANSL welcomes players of all beliefs and backgrounds and is a safe place to explore belief in God while forging healthy community through the fun of playing soccer. We determined our goals for the ANSL are to help refugees and people of all nations in our community discover Jesus through soccer, help restore refugees from the devastation they were displaced from, forge unity by breaking down racial hostility, mobilize churches to do local missions, create awareness for local refugee aid, build bridges for refugee employment opportunities and empower young adult males to follow Jesus and positively impact our city as they become husbands and fathers. To accomplish this the league offers spring and fall seasons of weekly games and partners with churches, businesses, and charities in Jacksonville to help bridge relationships with refugees.

In our first season starting on March 17th, 2018 we began with 7 referees, 9 teams, and upwards of 225 players from 25 different nations. Currently we have 29 referees, 10 teams and 253 players from 66 different nations. We have already seen the transformation and impact God is having through this league in our city and hope you will get involved!



Josh Kimball

Founder & Director

United States of America

Josh grew up playing soccer in the Washington D.C. area and went on to play in college at Campbell University. After graduating, Josh spent 6 years working with a variety of soccer ministries and playing with professional teams around the world in places like Brazil, Argentina, Angola, Congo, Kenya, England, Germany, France, Norway, India and Haiti. Despite vast differences in these nations' cultures, he was amazed how God repeatedly used the common game of soccer to create relationships where people’s lives were touched by hearing about Jesus.

As much as he loves to continue traveling to different nations, helping World Relief® host a refugee world cup in Chicago, IL in 2009 opened his eyes to the need for help right in his own backyard. This led him to live with a group of coaches in an apartment complex in Charlotte, NC where they used soccer to love and build relationships with their resettled refugee neighbors. He helped them transition to life in America and discover the hope they could find in Jesus.

In 2014, Josh moved to Jacksonville, FL to play with the Armada FC and connected with World Relief®. Soon after, he was on an elementary school field coaching a group of Burmese players, who over the next 3 years cultivated the vision to start the All Nations Soccer League.

Currently, Josh works in medical sales, is married to his lovely wife Ashleigh, and is the proud dad of his son Jaxon.

If you asked Josh why he is passionate about this he would say, “There is no way I can repay the refugees and people of all nations that I have built friendships with for the impact they have had in helping me pursue the most important thing in this life, namely following Jesus. If God can use me to somehow use soccer to bless their lives and share the life-changing love of Jesus in our community, it’s a pure joy.”


Jose Vega

Board Member


Jose is the big-hearted, fun loving former director of World Relief® Jacksonville who grew up kicking a soccer ball in Paraguay. He is married to Claudia and their son Jesse also plays soccer and referees.

Jose holds degrees from several theological seminaries in Paraguay and the US, including Liberty University, and went on to become a pastor for 15 years. While pastoring he also worked for World Relief® as a Hispanic translator and case worker until he transitioned to a full time position as director of the Miami office.

In 2017 he moved back to Jacksonville to be the director. He wore many hats to help accomplish World Relief®’s endless mission in Jacksonville, “to empower the local church to server the most vulnerable,” and somehow never seems too busy to build relationships. Jose’s energy and enthusiasm to help the ANSL in whatever ways needed exemplify the heart of a servant leader. Whether lining fields, helping find team sponsors, or getting out on the pitch to play as a teammate, Jose shares the passion of Jesus in what he does. He was instrumental in enabling the ANSL to become an official program of World Relief® and we continue to lean on his vision and leadership to shape the ANSL to best serve and share Jesus in our city.

If you asked Jose why he’s excited to help lead World Relief® and the ANSL he’d say, “Jesus has given me a compassion to serve the most vulnerable and calls us to love our neighbor. Being a foreigner myself gave me a passion to support refugees' transitions in starting a new life here. Soccer is a universal language and is one of the best ways to bring our international community together.”


Ashleigh Kimball

League Admin

Northern Ireland

Ashleigh hails from the Emerald Isle and grew up riding horses and playing rugby. When she gave her life to follow Jesus, God lead her to Grand Goave, Haiti to love and learn how to help transform the community. She taught herself to speak fluent Creole and loved spending time getting to know people and share the hope they could find in Jesus.

As she heard their needs she became involved in organizing feeding and school sponsorship programs in multiple villages, starting a women’s prison ministry, and taking in three girls to raise that were in crisis. She also became a soccer coach to a group of girls that wanted a team to be a part of. This led to her meeting Josh and organizing a team to come down and host a soccer camp for the kids; the rest is history as they married a year later. Now Ashleigh loves being a mom to Jaxon and helps the ANSL organize scheduling, team registration, church partnerships, volunteers, and social media. You might also find her at the field cheering teams on and spending time talking to the fans and refugee family members who come out to support.

The people of Haiti will always have a special place in her heart. Walking through the adversity they’ve faced: natural disaster, poverty, hunger, lack of education, and spiritual darkness; gave her a compassion to also walk with refugees here in Jacksonville and be a part of bringing healing through Jesus to all nations in our city.

If Ashleigh could tell you why she values helping the ANSL she’d say, “I love being able to help create an environment where people can come together as a community and experience the love of Jesus”


David Toffaletti

Website Admin

United States of America

David has always loved sports and how it can bring people of all backgrounds together to achieve a common goal. Growing up he played many sports, but swimming became his passion and he swam competitively for 17 years, finishing his career as a senior leader on the Florida State University Men's Swimming & Diving Team.

When his swimming career finished, David focused his competitive energies on learning a new sport for fun: soccer. He joined adult leagues and pickup games while translating a background in Sports Management to coaching youth soccer through i9 Sports. Through a mutual friend, he linked up with Josh in 2014 to help coach and organize pickup games with the Burmese players. There he witnessed Josh's passion for ministry through soccer and ability to be a leader amongst men and decided to help in whatever way he could to grow this vision of a soccer league.

Dave works as a Senior Designer for Web.com and lends his expertise in web design and development to grow and maintain ANSL's online presence.

Dave is married to his beautiful wife, Stephanie, and they are proud parents to their baby girl, Olivia.

Amy Lenhoff.png

Amy Lenhoff

Volunteer Coordinator

United States of America

Amy was raised in the Midwest and was blessed to know Jesus at a young age. Throughout her high school years, she played basketball, volleyball, and softball. Years of sports led her to become the avid runner she is today.

Trips for leisure, service, and study have brought her to Mexico, Liberia, Greece, Sweden, England, and more. In 2017, she went on a short-term mission trip with the Church of Eleven22 to Brazil. It was there that she realized that soccer, like love, is a global language.

Less than a year later, a serve day led Amy to help prep the field for the first ANSL exhibition game. She learned that one of the biggest sideline needs was keeping players fueled and hydrated. Snacks and water were her ministry for the first two season until formally stepping into the Volunteer Coordinator role.

If you asked Amy what drives her involvement in ANSL, she’d say, “A community rising up in Jesus name. I’ve seen the growth in players over time and listened to lively post-game devotionals. Because of interactions with ANSL leaders – captains, referees, administrators, and donors – I have been blessed to connect with the greater Church here in Jacksonville.”

Cameron Griffith.png

Cameron Griffith

Advisory Board

United States of America

Cameron grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA. He has played soccer continuously for 40 years since first touching a ball at a young age. He may have been one of the least talented players on his high school team, but he still made an impact. He won the academic award every year and after graduating had an award named after him for his work ethic and hustle. Cameron played with and against several players that represented the U.S.A. on the National Team. Soccer made him a “team player” for life. There is nothing better than being a part of a team, at work, school, church, and family.

Cameron was raised in church with strong values and knowing Jesus. After college he let people get in the way of his relationship with Jesus and did life on his own for a while. He doesn’t recommend it. Jesus's love never gave up his pursuit of lost sheep Cameron and a mid-life wakeup call brought him back to a personal relationship with Jesus.

In Jesus's pursuit of Cameron, opportunities to love others were put in his path by his church and his amazing wife Katie. A heart to love refugees began in Atlanta where his family adopted a Syrian refugee family. The soccer ball he brought the 3 boys created his best way to communicate love to them. Many soccer games ensued in the open field next to their apartment building.

In 2017, Cameron, his wife Katie, son Cash, and dog Munson, were called to moved to Jacksonville. Cameron found out about ANSL, showed up at the first game and knew he was in the right place.

If you ask Cameron why is passionate about ANSL he would say, “I think God created soccer as a universal language to teach, mentor, and love others. ANSL combines my love of Jesus, serving others and soccer.”

Brock Johnson.png

Brock Johnson

Advisory Board

United States of America

Brock is the President and Founder of Buena Vista Sports Academies (BVSA), with locations in Guatemala, Honduras, and West Africa. BVSA uses the game of soccer as a tool in taking the love of Jesus to tough places around the world. Before vocational ministry, Brock worked in the business side of professional sports, which admittedly almost ruined him. Overseeing the salary cap and player contracts for the Jacksonville Jaguars, and eventually working as a sports agent, he went down the dangerous path of pursuing the pleasures of the world. Brock's testimony is one of rescue and redemption that can only be found in Jesus. He feels blessed that God has allowed him, after all of these years, to continue working in sports - this time for His glory. Brock and his family love to train new missionaries and help place them in tough communities around the world, where soccer can be used as a tool of evangelism and discipleship. Brock and his wife Kerrie have four children (3 of which are adults) and live in whatever part of the world their newest academy is being planted! Their home-base is Jacksonville, FL, and their home church is Emmaus Church of Jacksonville.

Nick Swanda.png

Nick Swanda

Director of Operations

United States of America

Nick was born and raised in Jacksonville and is the oldest of 13 children. He has 6 biological siblings and 6 adopted (3 from Ethiopia, 2 from Ghana, 1 from China).

He started a pick-up soccer group on the north side of Jacksonville in June of 2014 and for 5 years used it as way to connect and show love to the north side community. When the group heard about ANSL they wanted to put a team together and Oway FC was formed.

After volunteering with ANSL in the spring 2019 season he was offered an operations role. Nick hopes to continue to grow support for the league and establish a standard of excellence.

The mission and heart of All Nations Soccer League is what draws him to pour into this league above any other league. ANSL focuses not only on providing a quality soccer league for the community but also desires to connect its players, coaches, referees, and volunteers with the Gospel of Jesus. Nick says, “Having a relationship with Jesus is more important than anything else in life and I want to be apart of Jesus’s mission to see people restored, empowered, and unified in our community."

Tek Thapa.png

Tek Thapa



I have been a huge soccer fan ever since I was a child. My dad used to take me to all his games back in Nepal. From that time on, I’ve always loved this beautiful game. I started playing in ANSL because my friend VP, who I used to play high school soccer with, invited me to join the team he now captained, Vaphual. He explained about the mission of the league and encouraged me to be a part of it. I have a huge faith in Jesus Christ. The way ANSL leads players in pray before games and devotions afterwards touched my heart and really made me love this league even more. Serving Christ and playing soccer at the same time is a one of the best combinations I can think of. I love seeing and playing with people from all around the world every Saturday. I became part of the mission of ANSL because I want to win people’s hearts to Christ and win games at the same time!

Vungh Piang.png

Vungh Piang “VP”

Referee Manager


Vungh was born in Myanmar (Burma) and grew up there until 2009, when they immigrated to the United States with his family. His father moved to the U.S. through a refugee program in Malaysia to seek a better life for his family. After two years living apart from family in the U.S. his father called and said Vungh’s mother, four sisters and one brother could join him in the U.S. Vungh graduated from Englewood High School in 2016 and got his Associates of Arts from Florida State College at Jacksonville in 2019. Currently, he is a full time student at FSCJ and looking to transfer to UNF.

In ANSL, he is the captain of the team Vaphual and the league’s referees manager.

The reason he is passionate about All Nations’ ministry is that he loves Jesus and loves soccer. Simple as that. The league provides both of those. Not only that, but ANSL draws people from all over the world to come together to play the beautiful game and get to talk about the most amazing person, Jesus!

Sandro Gadilia

Director of Marketing

Republic of Georgia

Sandro is 26 years old and was born in Republic of Georgia. When he was 17 he received a soccer scholarship from Graceland University and moved to the U.S. His sister also moved to the U.S. but the rest of his family stayed and is still in Georgia. He found it very tough living here knowing his family and friends didn't have the same quality of life because life in Georgia is pretty complicated. He’s battled through various trials making a new life apart from family by always keeping his faith in God and trusting in the people he loves. About one year ago, Nick and Josh introduced him to All Nations Soccer League and he joined our leadership team as a Director of Marketing. Shortly after, he couldn’t resist playing on one of the teams as well and joined Oway FC.

Sandro has experienced first hand what war does to the nations and when he found out that ANSL helps unify refugees and internationals in the community he felt like God called him to join this soccer league family. Since then, he’s graduated from UNF with a business management degree and started an internship in an international logistics company. Sandro says, “The ANSL family has been a huge positive influence throughout my journey. I believe that this league can truly change lives and provide a family and brotherhood to people that need it the most. I'm so proud to be part of this family.”


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