Our Mission

To provide a soccer league for refugees and people of all nations that unifies our community around discovering and deepening a relationship with Jesus.

Our Values

To RESTORE refugees from the devastation and loss they came from and help them thrive in creating a new life and to restore people of all nations in their relationship with God.

To UNIFY refugees with people of all nations in our city by using the game of soccer and the discovery of Jesus to breakdown racial hostility and forge healthy community.

To EMPOWER refugees and young adult males with the character and values to be successful men, husbands, fathers, students and workers that positively impact our community and help raise up the next generation.


League Information



11v11 - 90 minute games


Males 14 & Up


Spring (February - May) and Fall (August - November)


8 Regular Season Games, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Championship & Awards Ceremony

Game Day


Game Location

Blue Cypress Park

4012 University Blvd N

Jacksonville FL 32277


$500 Team Registration (does not include registration fees for each team member)

$20 Age 18&Up $15 Age 16-17 Single Player Registration

  • Both team and single player registrations are paid each season.

  • Teams are encouraged to find community sponsors to cover team registrations.

  • All payments are tax-deductible and all proceeds go to continuing efforts to help refugees in our city.


Before you step foot on a field in the All Nations Soccer League, you must complete these forms below and email them to allnationsslinfo@gmail.com.

League Rules


Game Day Schedule of Events

  • 30 minutes prior: All players arrive.

  • 20 minutes prior: Referees check-in rostered players. If not on game roster, can’t play. If not checked-in, can’t play first half. At halftime can check-in at referee table.

  • 10 minutes prior: Circle up at centerfield for prayer.

  • Game Time: Games will start exactly on time. If delayed for any reason, time will be taken off the first half. 

  • 45 minute halves; 10 minute halftime.

  • End Time: Line up at center field and shake hands.

  • Post Game: Gather for devotion. Field 1 (picnic tables); Field 2 (bleachers).

Team Uniforms

  • All players must wear matching jerseys with a number.

  • No numbers can be duplicated on a team.

  • Players cannot switch numbers during a game.

  • Shinguards are required to play.

  • All metal jewelry and necklaces must be removed to play.

Game Rules

  • Check-In: Players must check-in to play. After the game has started, players can check-in with the center referee at halftime. After the second half has started, players cannot check-in. If teams put players on the field who are not checked-in, they forfeit the match.

  • Referees: Strive to stay close to the play and make calls clearly and decisively. 

  • If a call is in question, the center referee will confer with the linesman to make a final decision.

  • Player Disputes: Communicate through the field captain to the referee or coach to the linesman only.

  • Players yelling at the referee is a carded offense.

  • Cards: Referees are able to give verbal warnings (notify team captain), require a mandatory substitution, and give yellow and red cards.

  • Yellow Card: Recorded and optional substitution. Second yellow in a match is a red card. Four yellow cards accrued during the season results in a red card.

  • Red Card: Recorded and immediate expulsion from the match and that team’s following match.

  • Player Dissent/Profanity/Derogatory Language: Immediate verbal warning, or if repeated, a yellow card and mandatory substitution.

  • Fighting: Physically fighting anyone on the premises of an ANSL game location will result in an automatic red card and suspension through the rest of the current season and suspension for the following season. The police will be called. It is up to center referee to determine if the game can continue or needs to be cancelled.

  • Substitutes: Notify linesman. Wait at midfield. Referees will check entering player’s numbers to make sure they have checked-in.

  • Match Balls: Captains required to bring 2 match balls to each game. Referees will check air pressure and quality. Recommend teams label match balls with Name and Phone Number.

  • Player Minimum: Teams must have 7 players to play. If they do not have 7 players at game time their team forfeits unless the other team wants to wait and time will be taken off the first half.

  • Under the Player Minimum Rule: Forfeits result in zero points for the forfeiting team and 3 points and 3 goals for the other team.

  • Bias: Referees who also play in the league will never center referee their own team. If there is an incident of bias, captains and referees can email the league administrator who will investigate and resolve the issue.

  • Sportsmanship: Players are expected to treat each other with respect and professionalism. No matter what happens during the match, players are responsible for putting the match aside, shaking hands, and refocusing on gathering for devotion together.


  • New Teams & Players: Register online here.

  • New Players must submit waivers and payment by the Wednesday before the game they will be eligible to play in. ANSL will add them to the team roster.

  • Remove Players by emailing allnationsslinfo@gmail.com.

League Awards

  • Champions Trophy

  • 1st Place Team Medals

  • 2nd Place Team Medals

  • 3rd Place Team Medals

  • Golden Boot: League Leading Goalscorer

  • Golden Ball: League Leader in Assists

  • Golden Glove: League Least Goals Against

  • Sportsmanship: Team With Least Cards Accrued

Community Game Day Goals

  • Invite: Be proactive to invite family, friends, churches and businesses to games.

  • Lead: Younger players are looking up to you. Be a good example on and off the field.

  • Serve: Be a servant leader. Pick up trash that isn’t yours. Help a player up on another team. Ask the refs if they need help with anything. 

  • Engage: Be consistent as a player for your team all season. Show up on time. Give your best. Participate in devotions. Make the effort to get to know players on other teams.